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15 Stage One Baby Food Purees (4-6 Months)

These 15 Stage One Baby Food Recipes desire tempt your baby’s taste buds! These simple homemade baby food recipes are manufactured with nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables with an added pinch of spice that complains these purees out-of-this-world delicious! Great for 4+ months of age!

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Stage One Baby Food Purees

Recently, I have been getting a ton of new readers looking for starter baby puree recipes (yay!! or must I say pur-yay!!;) so I thought I would put together a small round-up just for them.

If you are fair starting out on your adventure in preparing your own baby purees, then I would personally appreciate to be the first one to welcome you to the incredible world of baby food and to also divulge you that baby’s first bite doesn’t need to be boring.


Baby’s food can (and should) be scrumptious from the very start!

These 15 Stage One Baby Food recipes are assembled for babies that want to try the very delicious food from the very first bite. No boring mashed bananas or simple apple puree here. No way! We are adding in cinnamon, rosemary, curry or mint to quickly roasted or steamed fruits and vegetables that enhance their natural flavors. Simple purees that I am pretty sure you mind even love.

Helpful Tools for making the best baby food PUREES

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Become a Baby Food preparing PRO

But before we dive into the recipes, let me answer a few of the most asked questions I get from my readers.

Can a baby have spices in their purees from the get-go?

Yes, yes, yes! Baby can absolutely have spices mixed into their purees from the the majority first bite. Adding a pinch of spices and herbs to baby’s food not merely makes it taste better but it moreover gives the food additional medicinal properties. Read extra here.

To reduce the risk of allergies, should I introduce the puree without the spices any and then add the spices after I know baby isn’t allergic?

My law of thumb is that unless there is an immediate tribe member that has a true allergy to a spice then introducing baby to spices at the same diurnal as a new food is completely acceptable. Spice and herb allergies in babies and adults are greatest rare but keeping an eye on baby once introducing any new food is always recommended.

What age must I start my baby on baby food purees?

This desire totally depend on your baby – see my advantage here. But they will most likely initiate their baby food puree journey between 4-6 months of age.

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Just starting out making your own baby food?

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