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18 Stage 3 Baby Food Recipes (Easy + Delicious)

These 18 Stage 3 Baby Food Recipes are easy to compose, delicious for baby to eat and completely homemade! They are combination purees with soft chunks that will get baby ready for the next stage – finger foods. Great for babies 9-12 months.

Graphic for Post - 18 stage 3 baby food recipes - perfect for babies 9-12 months. Images are a grid of chunky combination purees.

Stage 3 Baby Food Recipes

You’ve almost reached it👏!

Baby (and you) have mastered the single-ingredient stage 1 baby purees🎓, rocked the combo purees like it was no big thang 👊 and now baby is ready for the next stage in their eating adventures.

Get ready for Stage 3 Baby Food!

Stage 3, or chunky Purees, is the last stop of the puree culinary adventure for baby – the next phase is finger foods.

What is Stage 3 Baby Food you ask me? Well, put simply, Stage 3 baby foods are a puree with small chewable chunks inside. Having small manageable chunks in a puree gets baby ready for finger foods by having them look similar tastes that they are used to but with completely different texture profiles.

Baby has to learn how to go the chunks around their little mouths, how to “chew” (or really gnaw) at those chunks and finally they acquire to learn to swallow them without gagging or chocking. It’s a sensory and exploratory practice that takes any time, but trust me baby will learn how to do all of these things in no diurnal at all.

Reasons to Love these Homemade Stage 3 Purees

  • wholesome
  • delicious
  • freezer-friendly
  • nutrient dense
  • full of whole grains – millet, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, etc
  • great ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinners
  • can be manufactured slightly chunky or really chunky depending on where baby is at beside this stage of purees
  • baby doesn’t believe to have teeth for these chunky purees – they desire be able to gnaw at any of these chunks plus their gums

When can you introduce baby to stage 3 purees?

You can introduce Stage 3 purees to baby about 9 months of age. You will desire baby to have had a great deal of practice eating level-headed combination purees before you serve them chunky purees.

What is Stage 3 Baby Foods?

Stage 3 baby foods are a thick puree with soft chewable pieces of food inside.

What is the difference between Stage 2 and Stage 3 Baby Foods?

The lone difference between Stage 2 and Stage 3 baby food is that Stage 3 baby foods are slightly additional chunky than Stage 2 purees. Traditionally, Stage 3 baby foods are meant to be be the final step in the puree process before you open baby on finger foods. You are basically sketching baby ready to be able to eat finger foods by showing them a different texture of food that they what is more have to learn how to “chew” and swallow.

You can compose any homemade Stage 2 baby food puree into a Stage 3 baby food naively by not blending the produce into a unruffled puree. Instead you want to blitz the compose in a blender or food processor pending it is combined with small “pea” size chunks of food in it.

Why are Stage 3 Baby Foods Important?

Stage 3 baby foods are significant because they will help teach baby what to do beside small chunks of food in their mouths, how to move the chunks around their mouth, how to “chew” these chunks as well as how to swallow them. This stage is important because you are exposing them to a ton of different textures and taste sensations.

Can you do Finger Foods and Stage 3 Purees at the Same Time?

Yes, you can start finger foods at any age! This stage is all nearby texture and taste exploration, so the more you introduce to them now, the easier it will be for them when they begin eating table foods. You can read my Ultimate lead to Finger Foods for more information .

How to create Stage 3 Purees

Below you will acquire 18 of our favorite advanced combinations that gain soft chewable chunks inside.

You can too make any stage 1 or Stage 2 Baby Food into a Stage 3 food! It’s simple, after you cook your favorite recipe you can modestly transfer the cook produce, grains and/or meat into a food processor or blender and pulse in 5-10 transfer intervals until the produce is blended and chopped into microscopic pieces. I have found that a food processor works best for training chunky purees, but a blender will moreover work. For best results in a blender, you will want stir the food in the blender after each pulsing interval.

Items You demand to Make and Serve Stage 3 Purees

Food Processor

Baby Puree Storage Trays

Baby Bowl (that want stay on the table)
Self-Feeding Baby Spoon (so they can originate feeding themselves)

If you enjoy any more questions about Stage 3 Baby Food scroll consume 👇 to the comment section and ask away.

Also, I wanna know, what was your baby’s favorite Stage 3 Puree?

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