7 Best Store-Bought Baby Foods, According to Experts

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Best Baby Food Brands, According to Experts

As considerable as we love the idea of serving our limited ones homemade, fresh, organic baby food every day, sometimes that’s unbiased not realistic. Thankfully, there are plenty of wholesome baby food brands out there. Finding the best ones does require slightly time spent studying labels, but that’s easy to do if you know what you’re looking for.

Katie Sova, a clinical dietitian at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, notes that food labels list ingredients in whine of greatest amount to least amount. “When reading the tag, the first three ingredients are crucial,” she says. “I recommend choosing brands that have right foods and limited-to-no added ingredients such as fillers to devise adequate nutrition.” She also recommends avoiding added sugars and sodium as well as artificial flavorings.

It’s moreover important to make sure you’re feeding Baby a variety of foods. Jennifer House, a dietitian with First Step Nutrition and mom of three, notes that many baby purees are impartial fruit and veggie mixes. “Fruit and vegetables are large, but don’t provide enough calories or iron to be your baby’s lone source of solid food,” she says. “So if you can score a whole grain and especially protein in baby food, that’s great! Some baby purees have meat in them, which is the best source of iron for your baby, so look for those if you’re not a vegetarian family.”

House too recommends looking for plain veggie purees, as very are mixed with fruit. “That way your baby desire get used to the less sweet taste of vegetables on their own and not reach to expect that every food is sweetened plus apples!”

Ready to get shopping? Here are seven of the best baby food brands, according to experts.


This widely available sign offers both organic and natural options, all of which undergo rigorous tests to arrange they’re free from pesticides and heavy metals. From cereals and snacks to purees, all the Beech-Nut offerings are free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. They may be one of the oldest baby food brands—founded in 1891—but they’re too one of the more progressive, with an eye toward sustainability. They’re the world’s first LEED-certified baby food production company, with recyclable glass jars that stand out from the more approved pouches that line so many shelves today.

Baby Gourmet

Canada’s top biological baby food brand, Baby Gourmet, is also House’s personal approved. “It was founded by two sisters who are moms that demanded to provide nutritious yet tasty food for their children,” House says. Their purees are available in unique flavor combinations relish ripe mango and avocado with oats, vanilla banana berry risotto, and coconut, kiwi, and mangosteen with quinoa. Baby Gourmet’s “Tasty Textures” line of meat purees includes options savor sweet potato, apple, and chicken. They proudly use only non-GMO biological ingredients with no fillers, artificial sugar or salt, or artificial preservatives.

Earth’s Best Organic

With offerings for every stage of your baby’s crawl to eating solids, Earth’s Best Organic specializes in clean blends that are free from potentially immoral chemicals, pesticides, genetically engineered ingredients, or growth hormones from animal-derived products. You’ll find purees in jars and pouches, plus whole grain cereals, snack bars, and equal frozen food entrees for toddlers. For kiddos beside dietary restrictions, Earth’s Best has gluten-free and kosher products as well.


Using ingredients devour chickpeas, zucchini, and quinoa, Sprout baby foods offer a range of textures and flavors for developing palates. All of their chef-inspired baby and toddler purees are earnt from minimally processed whole foods sourced from certified-organic growers—no concentrates, no preservatives, no GMOs.

Little Spoon

If you desire to insist on fresh food for your baby but don’t want to get it yourself, Little Spoon offers a fully customized menu of baby foods published right to your door every other week. All you need to do is pick a little quiz about your baby, which mind allow Little Spoon to create a personalized meal conception based on their nutritional needs. This is an allergy-friendly matter, meaning they don’t work with any foods containing the eight major allergens (including meat).

Happy Baby Food

This parent-run matter takes an “Enlightened Nutrition” approach to their products that moves beyond USDA organic standards. With different types of foods specially planned for different stages, Happy Baby Food recipes include key nutrients luxuriate in iron, DHA, choline, and prebiotic fiber. They’re focused on eco-friendly packaging, with the commitment to go 100 percent reusable, recyclable, or compostable with their packaging by 2025.


One of the maximum recognizable and widely available baby food brands on the market, Gerber has earned its reputation for high-quality, nutritional baby food. Available in glass jars, plastic tubs, and pouches—with the goal to earn all of their packaging recyclable—Gerber baby food is broken up into different developmental-based milestones, from newborn and supported sitter to toddler and preschooler. Flavors tend to be pretty simple and straightforward, with no artificial flavors or colors.

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