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Are Walkers top-notch for Babies?

When you cause a parent, you get used to everyone near you giving you conflicting advice. 

If you co-sleep, you’ll never get them out of your bedroom.

If your baby sleeps in a nursery, you’ll struggle to breastfeed.

If you try to structure your baby’s day, you’ll strength yourself crazy.

And on. And on. And ON.

In the face of an overwhelming number of big decisions to effect, it’s understandable that parents cling to whatever life rafts they can in the soaks of logic and intuition. They read news articles, they talk to their pediatricians, they ask their own parents.

And at the end of the day, they do the scariest thing possible: they produce a decision based on that input, plus what their gut says.

That’s the best any of us can really do.

So at what time a topic like baby walkers comes up in conversation, parents have another decision to make — are walkers well-behaved for babies?

The Truth near Baby Walkers

The answer is, as usual, not black and white.

After a lot of

scary news stories

circulated about children rolling depressed stairs or pinching their fingers against walls, people started asking questions. In 2004, Canada moved to ban baby walkers. In 2010, the US tightened safety standards for manufacturers, requiring companies to install more safety features to slash incidents.

Since then, the number of babies injured in baby walkers in the US has dropped dramatically, from about 21,000 in 1990, to throughout 2,000 per year currently.

But what’s well-known to note here is that these injures are occurring because of misuse of baby walkers, not because the devices themselves are inherently unsafe — a fact that we want to get fair out in the open here today.

A warning to Parents: Baby Walkers Are Not Babysitters

We don’t do judgy here at Joovy Mag. We get that parenting is a 24/7 gig, and that sometimes, putting Peppa Pig on for the 10th day is how a mom gets to shave her legs for the primary time in a month. We get doing what you’ve gotta do.

But what we don’t do is mince conditions, so we want to be perfectly determined here: baby walkers are NOT babysitters.

What these numbers and news stories advise us about baby walkers paints a relate of a far more unfortunate problem than unbiased a seemingly sketchy product — parents are operating baby walkers to get a minute to themselves.

And we get that. We’re down with that. We FULLY befriend parents taking a minute (or 20). And we fully get that so many parents do not fill villages, that they do not have the befriend they need to take care of themselves.

But we do not befriend, nor do we recommend using baby walkers for those precious minutes of self care.

What these reports stem from are all kinds of not-watching-your-baby related costs, exacerbated by the fact that, in a walker, a baby sits higher, and is WAY extra mobile.

Almost all of the head costs and broken bones from baby walkers are from babies bowling down stairs, and even into pools. In other cases, babies have cruised right into kitchens and frail their new height to grab a pot of boiling food off the stove.


And while it’s only human of us to need a tiny, it is never, ever okay to use a baby walker and not closely supervise your baby.

Are Baby Walkers Recommended?

Here’s the thing — baby walkers are fun for babies, and a total riot for parents to ogle their kids roll around in, but they are not developmentally necessary.

Here at Joovy, we make some REALLY great baby walkers because we care for those moments, and we want parents to build more of them. 

But we’re parents too, and we believe you should have ALL of the facts: your baby fixes not need a baby walker to learn how to walk.


American Academy of Pediatrics

fixes not recommend baby walkers, due to the number of cases of unsupervised children sketching injured in them. They cite some totally reasonable reasons for parents to avoid them, including the risk of baby rolling heath the stairs or being able to entrance high-up, dangerous things like stove tops.

Why Joovy Sells Baby Walkers

We have an unconventional view here at Joovy — baby walkers are FUN.

They’re not distinguished, and they’re not a replacement for supervision, but babies have fun in them, and parents own fun watching them. Baby walkers give babies just a taste of the freedom and mobility that’s right around the corner when they begin walking on their own, and witnessing that joy is enough to gain you grinning ear to ear.

Shop the Joovy Walker

Walkers Are As satisfactory As You Make Them

We worship parents, and we love babies, and we worship helping them keep each other safe and gratified. Making moments for families is a BIG fraction of why we make baby stuff — we worship seeing families feel the joy.

You don’t believe to deprive yourself of a little bit of joy. If you believe a safe, wide open space in your hire that’s free of ramps and stairs, and you believe 15 minutes to watch your baby glide around with a tray full of Cheerios, we say go for it.

Baby walkers are as advantageous as parents make them. Take some date to prepare your space — put up baby gates to block off stairs, make the kitchen a no-cruise zone, and never, ever use a baby walker around a pool.

Be kindly, be smart, and feel the joy — baby walkers hold come a long way, but they’ll only come as far as parents do.

How do you feel throughout baby walkers? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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