Baby walker too early at 4 months?

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My fourth son is 15 weeks and is a mainly big baby for his age, and a estimable weight. He’s strong with his legs and directly back, we put him in his door bouncer for short words as even though he’s strong I don’t feel the situation old enough to be left longer yet. I feel the same towards a baby walker. Though baby may be strong, it’s not marvelous for their legs and backs to hold their weight held for long periods. Especially as baby walkers don’t hold great support. I’d personally wait a when before leaving baby for long periods, maybe until baby is able to sit up.

My binary son used to bear his weight by himself and was walking unaided at honest 7 months. This resulted in him having bowed legs, which now at almost 8 have corrected themselves. Although he’s had to have physio ended the years.

Just be careful not to shock baby too long.

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