Fruit Purees for Babies

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Fruit Puree Recipes for Babies

: a collection of homemade, easy to make, tasty and nutritious fruit purees for babies beside step by step guide. Fruit purees are loaded beside nutrients and vitamins, also easily digestible which invents excellent food for babies.

Homemade fruit purees are less expensive and preservatives unrestricted compared to store-bought baby food. Here are slightly easy and nutritious 15+ fruit purees for babies. Also, check out our collection of homemade baby food recipes for 6-12 months here.

Bookmark this page for future state as I will be updating this post regularly. Click on each thumbnail image given beneath each fruit puree heading for the detailed recipe Choose recipes according to your baby’s age which is mentioned in the brackets depressed with recipe heading.

Points to label while preparing fruit purees for your baby: 

  • Steaming fruits are recommended for easier digestion until the baby is eight months old. Steaming fruits repairs to break them down and ensure easier digestion in petite babies. Please note that few fruits like banana, kiwi, and avocado are the exceptions and that intends no cooking.
  • Always serve the fruit purees recent and warm, though some purees can be frozen. Better to consume the purees within 2 hours from the preparation.
  • Make sure to introduce each fruit separately beforehand you try combination fruit purees to your baby.
  • You can mash the fruits by a fork or masher instead of by means of a blender/mixer.
  • If the puree is too thick after cooling heath, you can adjust the consistency by adding breast milk/formula milk/ cow’s milk or warm water.
  • If the recipe conditions for formula milk, make sure not to boil/cook it. outline the puree with water and once the puree is warm, add prepared formula milk.
  • If your baby is allergic to any ingredient old-fashioned in the fruit purees, please remove it at what time preparing.

15 Natural and Nutritious :

1. Apple Puree/Apple Sauce (6 Months+) :

Apples are sweet, mild and easily digestible which makes it an ideal unique food for babies. The apple sauce is loaded plus Vitamin C and its one of the common puree for most of the babies. resolve sweet tasting apples like Red Delicious and Gala variety to gain this apple puree.Apple Puree for Babies

Check out Apple Puree recipe here

2. Avocado Puree (6 Months+) :

Avocados are rich in nutrients, and this avocado puree can be rendered quickly as no cooking is required. any babies don’t prefer the bland taste of avocados. Hence it is a good idea to mix avocados with bananas. Make sure to use ripe avocado for baby food.Avocado Puree for Babies

Check out Avocado Puree recipe here

3. Pear Puree (6 Months+) :

Pears are sweet and loaded by fiber which prevents constipation in babies. Pear puree is an ideal primary food for babies next to apples as they are less allergenic. Choose ripe pear for making this pear puree.

Pear Puree for BabiesCheck out Pear Puree recipe here

4. Banana Puree (6 Months+) :

Banana is spanking excellent food for babies as they are loaded plus potassium and sweet. It is so creamy, and it is light on the baby’s minute tummy.

Banana Puree for BabiesCheck out Banana Puree recipe here

5. Muskmelon Puree/Cantaloupe puree (6 Months+) :

Muskmelons are juicy and soft, hence it is an ideal fruit for babies. This muskmelon puree is loaded with antioxidants and fiber which facilities to prevent digestion issues and constipation in babies.

Muskmelon Puree for BabiesCheck out Muskmelon Puree recipe here

6. Papaya Puree (6 Months+) :

Papaya is a juicy and nutritious food for babies. This papaya puree tastes good even stupid, but if your baby prefers to couple them with apples or banana after introducing each fruit separately.

Papaya Puree for BabiesCheck out Papaya Puree recipe here

7. Prunes Puree (6 Months+) :

Prunes are plump with fiber and fight against constipation. This prunes puree can be served insensible or add it to baby cereals or baby porridge.

Prunes Puree for BabiesCheck out Prunes Puree recipe here


8. Kiwi Puree (8 Months+) :

The Vitamin C rich kiwis are acidic, and it is not as good as the primary food for babies. This kiwi puree is a huge way to introduce kiwi to babies; it’s also effortless to originate as it requires no cooking.

Kiwi Puree for BabiesCheck out Kiwi Puree recipe here

9. Mango Puree (8 Months+) :

Mangoes are sweet and loaded with vitamin A, but its not an ideal fundamental food for babies because of its acidic nature. This mango puree is quick to construct puree as no cooking is evolved.

Mango Puree for BabiesCheck out Mango Puree recipe here

10. Watermelon Puree (8 Months+) :

Watermelon is a healthy & nutritious fruit that is noble for the baby’s eye development and address health. This watermelon puree is ideal for babies from 6 months, and babies will sure love this puree for its sweet taste.


Check out Watermelon Puree recipe here

11. Apple Pears Puree (6 Months+) :

Apple and pears do a great combination, and this apple pears puree is a perfect way to introduce the flavor of combination fruits to your baby. Make sure to give apple and pear separate beforehand you try this apple pears puree.

12. Apple Puree with Banana (6 Months+) :

Apple banana puree is rich in nutrients, flavor, and taste. It also makes a filling and wholesome food for babies. Make sure to introduce apple and banana separately afore you try this apple banana puree.

13. Nendran Kerala Banana Puree (7 Months+) :

Steamed Nendran banana puree is a nutrition rich and filling food for babies. It helps in weight gain too.

Check out Nendran Kerala banana mash recipe here

14. Cranberry Apple Sauce (8 Months+) :

Cranberry Apple Sauce/Cranberry puree – healthy cranberry apple sauce recipe for babies forced with fresh/frozen cranberry and apples. It is a nutritious food for babies as cranberry is rich in Vitamin C which facilities to improve immunity.

. Plums Puree with banana(6 Months+) :

Plums are rich in Vitamin C and fiber which invents excellent food for babies who are fighting constipation. Adding Banana to this plum puree invents it creamy, yummy and also compliments the sharpness of the plums.

16. Chikoo banana puree (7 Months+) :

Chikkoo/Sapodilla/Sapota is burly of fiber. It helps in preventing constipation in babies. This chikoo banana puree is a tasty and creamy puree for babies, and there is the least possibility that a baby can say no to this. It also requires no cooking and hence this puree is ideal during travels.

17. Paneer Fruits puree (8 Months+) :

Nutritious calcium and protein-packed puree recipe for babies with Paneer aka cottage cheese and fruits. You can add any of your baby’s popular fruits and make this puree. It tastes so top-notch that babies will love it!

Important Note: 

  • Make obvious you have introduced each fruit separately and checked for allergies by trying any combination fruit purees.
  • Always check plus your pediatrician before giving any food.
  • Avoid salt and any sugar at least pending one year.

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