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How I forced My Own Baby Food

I tried to design baby food for my first daughter, Emily, in 2016. I thought I’d be that mom who makes everything from scratch, uses cloth diapers, and sings lullabies in other languages. But then the realities of being a new mom set in.

I did slightly of those things for my first baby, but the baby food situation was a wretchedness. Our blender was not up to the task. And, I wasn’t prepared for all the conflicting information online in what babies should eat and their nutritional maintains. The research, planning, and resulting mess of spinach slime all throughout my kitchen counters had me running for store-bought food pouches. It was all too overwhelming for me as a new sleep-deprived mom.

And, let me be clear. Store-bought baby food pouches are ample. They were what I needed at the daylight, and my now 3-year-old is happy, healthy, and still eats her broccoli—for now. But, I was ready to try homemade baby food again at what time I had my second baby.

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