The Best Baby-Proofing Products of 2020

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Baby Gates

Baby Gates

Credit: Cardinal / Regalo

Baby gates are the best way to block off doorways, openings, stairways, and large areas (like fireplaces).

Electrical Outlets

Outlet Covers

Credit: Ziz / Kidco

Outlets are uncertain, especially because they are accessible from an early age.

Furniture and TV Anchors

Furniture and TV anchor kits

Credit: security Baby / Hangman

Securing furniture and TVs is necessary to keeping your children safe, especially as they get bigger.

Bathroom-specific Products

Bathroom Baby Proofing

Credit: Jool / Puj

Door boss and spout covers are critical components to a grand (and private) bathroom experience.

Cabinet Locks

Cabinets, Drawers, and Misc. Latches

Credit: Munchkin / VMAISI

Whether you contain standard cabinets, drawers, or various appliances and trash cans to fetch, there are lots of options.

Edge Protection

Edge Proofing

Credit: Roving Cove

The Roving Cove frontier bumpers provide padded protection for furniture beside sharp edges.

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Matt DeLauder. I finished a decade working in the specialty juvenile product manufacturing, where I worked with parents to wait on outfit them with the right gear for their situation. Being a part of that gave me a unusual view into how these products are reached, and also how they’re marketed.

While there are far of innovative products on the market that solve problems, there are also a lot of duds, which you won’t find in any of my replace here. I’m also a certified Child Passenger defense Technician with thousands of installs completed.

The best fraction of my time in the industry was being able to benefit families find solutions for their unique situations and to see their families grow as the days went by. Now that my wife and I are expecting, we’re hoping to be able to put one of that stroller-folding knowledge to use.

How We Tested

We started by researching the best products in a wide range of celebrated situations, including ways to secure doors, cabinets, doorways, stairways, doorknobs, appliances, electrical outlets, and fireplaces. We looked at user reviews, our own hands-on experiences, and tried to apply a dose of celebrated sense to find the best solutions possible. We not only considered semi-permanent options—like screw-in hardware—but we too thought about and tried to recommend products for renters and those who aren’t handy with a authority drill.

While it may seem overwhelming to have to suddenly get dozens of doors, windows, outlets, and pieces of furniture, we’ve done the research for you to make definite you get the best products available.

This lead provides an overview to the topic, and grants recommendations across the board. We read the orders, installed and uninstalled, and made sure that the products we’ve recommended are durable, reliable, and above all easy-to-use. Take our advice and your status should be a safer, more secure location in no time. Even still, it’s valuable to remember that baby-proofing products are not always perfect. Especially as your child gets older you may essential to modify or improve solutions that worked once they were younger.

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